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In order to complete the return you must access to the link https://www.englishhome.com.ro/

-For hygiene reasons NO MASK RETURN IS ACCEPTED!

Go to the Profile Section-> My Orders -> Choose the order you want to return -> Select Action -> Press Cancel / Return -> Send -> Confirm the return (select YES)
Fill in the required fields with your informations in the return section. Enter your first name, last name and bank account number for the return.

 The return of the products is done by handing over the order to the courier. Along with the order, in the same package, you also received a return form. It is compulsory to fill this form and send it together with the products you want to be returned.

-If you opt for any other extra courier service, we reserve the right to invoice your amount or to refuse the package.

How long does it take the amount to be returned to my account?
-Payment of the return will be made in your account within 14 working days.

The shipment payment in case of return is provided by English Home. If you want to call the courier to your address to take the order you have to pay the difference.

After creating the return request, you must contact us at contact@englishhome.com.ro and inform us about your return.

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@englishhome.com.ro

Return address: KLG Europe Logistics SRL / Romania Autostrada Bucuresti – Pitesti, km. 23Str. Industriilor nr.9 Bolintin Deal, Giurgiu