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To make the return you must access the link https://www.englishhome.com.ro/ Go to the Profile-> My Orders section -Choose the order you want to be returned -> Select Action -> Press Cancel / Return-> Send -> Confirm the return (select YES) For reasons of hygiene, THE RETURN OF MASKS IS NOT ACCEPTED!

Fill in the required fields with your data in the return section. Enter your last name, first name, and bank account number for your return. The return of the products is done by handing the order by you to the courier. Along with the order, in the same package, you also received a return form. It is mandatory to fill in this form in full and send it together with the products you want to be returned. In order to benefit from a free return, you must take your package to any FAN COURIER office.

Once in our warehouse, the product in your package will be checked. After the products are verified, your money will be transferred to your account. How long until the amount will be returned to my account? Payment of the return will be made to your account within 14 working days. The cost of return transportation is borne entirely by English Home SRL, according to the law. After creating the return request, you must contact us at contact@englishhome.com.ro and inform us about your return.

If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@englishhome.com.ro Return address: KLG Europe Logistics SRL / Romania Bucharest - Pitesti Highway, km. 23 Str. Industriilor no.9 Bolintin Deal, Giurgiu